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Strikeforce Rousey vs Tate Result: ANOTHER FIGHT, ANOTHER ARM BAR

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Johnny Waugh
"I didn't talk my way into it," Ronda Rousey said after dedicating the fight to her father. "She was much more savvy on the ground than I anticipated. She's good, and she's legit, but I don't feel that bad about it (the injury)."
       Strikeforce: Tate vs. Rousey took place March 3, 2012 at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio, United States. Meisha Tate (12-3) had a six fight winning streak snapped by the submission loss at 4:27 of the first round. Tate came out from the opening bell willing and able to exchange with the former Olympian in Judo. Tate landed a solid right hand to the face of Rousey that forced her reach in and grab Tate. Rousey dumped Tate to the mat with a hip toss that saw Rousey sink in a tight arm bar from side control. 
       Tate looked to be in a terrible position to escape from the arm bar attempt, but was able to slip her arm out of what commentator Frank Shamrock said looked like a "pop" in the arm. Tate and Rousey exchanged for the next few minutes of the round, Rousey looked like she had trained quite a bit in the striking game by her willingness and ability to land effective counter shots. After another Rousey take down and sweep to full mount later, Rousey was able to grab the left arm of Tate to do what she does best. Tate could not escape and the now former champion was forced to tap, giving Rousey all five of her professional victories by arm bar. Rousey spoke about contender Sarah Kaufman in her post fight interview.
"Yeah, I would welcome that for sure, I was impressed by her performance," Rousey said. "I feel Sarah Kaufman felt she got cheated out of this title shot, so I think it's right to give her the next one."
       Kaufman is also the last person that Meisha Tate lost to before her title run, and a majority decision victory over Alexa Davis (29-28, 29-28, 29-29) on the same card puts Kaufman in line for another title shot. It is uncertain as to how much those arm bars truly hurt Tate's arm in the long run. The main event of the Strikeforce card was a huge step forward for women's MMA according to both Tate and Rousey, one of the few things they actually agree on.

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